Is A Cedar Wood Fence Right For Your Property?

The addition of a fence to your property can serve a number of valuable purposes.

A fence creates a visual distinction between your property and those of your neighbors. A fence can increase privacy and help make your property more secure. The right fence can even add to the overall aesthetic of your home's exterior.

If you have been considering a wood fence for your property, a cedar fence might be the right option.


Durability is an important quality to have in fencing material. Cedarwood has a remarkable ability to withstand exposure to the elements without losing its structural strength or integrity.

Cedar is naturally resistant to moisture, decay, and insect damage. This wood is also very capable of holding glue bonds. Cedarwood has a low density and a very low shrinkage factor, which allows the wood to stand up against the elements over time.

If durability is important to you in fencing material, then a cedar wood fence may be your best option.


Cost is a major concern for most homeowners looking to install a new fence on their property. Cedar is an extremely affordable option, thanks to the versatility of this unique wood.

Cedar trees produce long, lightweight lengths of timber when processed. Cedarwood timbers have a fine straight grain and a uniform texture that makes them easy to mill. You can easily construct a cedar fence using traditional tools since the wood planks are soft enough to be joined using just a hammer and nails.

Because cedar is such an easy wood to work with, fencing made from cedar tends to be more affordable than fencing made from other wood materials.


A fence is a major part of your home's landscape. You want to ensure that you are installing an attractive fence so that your home's curb appeal remains intact. Cedar can be a great option for homeowners looking to improve their home's aesthetic.

Cedarwood is naturally free from resin and pitch. This makes cedar the perfect base for a wide range of paints or stains. You can easily customize the appearance of your cedar wood fence to match your home's architectural style and color palette.

A new cedar wood fence could be just what you need to elevate your property to the next level. Take advantage of the durability, affordability, and aesthetic value cedar can offer when fencing your property in the future.

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