4 Tips For Installing Fence Posts

Do you want a fence around your yard and think that you can install it yourself? If so, one of the most crucial parts of the job will be installing the fence posts. These tips will help ensure that all the fence posts are installed correctly. 

Get The Right Tools

A fence post will need to be placed deep into the ground, which means digging a lot of holes to do it. Consider renting a power auger that will make this job go smoothly. You can dig the hole out manually with a tool that looks like two shovels connected together, but you'll quickly tire yourself out trying to use it. 

Plot Out The Posts

It helps to take the time to plot out where each fence post needs to be installed. The best way to do this is by getting some stakes that you will pound into the ground and tying a string between them. This will give you a visual cue as to how straight the fence will be and allow you to easily measure between the two points. The posts then make a good marker of where you need to place the power auger when you are ready to dig. 

Know The Proper Depth And Width

There are two factors to consider when digging out your holes for the fence posts. The first is that the hole must extend downward a good portion of the total height of the fence post above ground. This is to give the fence post the strength and stability that it needs to be stable and support the fence panels. The other consideration is the width of the fence post, which would be 3 times as wide as the fence post itself. This gives you plenty of room to fill the hole with cement to keep the post stable. 

Apply A Gravel Base In The Hole

It will help to apply a base of gravel at the bottom of the hole. This helps with a couple of potential problems that can affect the fence post, such as drainage issues if the ground is saturated with water. The gravel also helps prevent frost heaves, which is when the ground swells and would typically push the fence post upward

Do all of these tips make the job of installing your own fence seem too difficult to do on your own? Reach out to a fence contractor in your area. They will handle the entire job for you. 

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